Carmageddon 101: When and Where

When exactly will the 405 shut down? When exactly will it reopen? How will it be done? Here is the 101 on the 405 shutdown.

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Four days before Carmageddon starts, no one seems worried it won't be finished on time as promised.

405 Project Page: Maps, Detours, Tweets

In fact, officials say the 405 will reopen Monday morning no matter what.

"We have a lot of contingencies to ensure that the freeway's going to be open by 5 a.m. on Monday," promises Michael Barbour, the 405 Project Director.


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At 7 p.m. Friday, ramps will start closing on the 405 between the 101 and 10 Freeway.

At 10, lanes will start closing with full closure by midnight.

At 5 a.m. Monday, the freeway is scheduled to reopen, then gradually the ramps, with full reopening by six.

Barbour says that deadline will be met even if crews don't complete their scheduled work.

"Then we're gonna make it safe, and then we're gonna clean up the freeway and get it open by five a.m.," according to Barbour.

In order to make room for a new carpool lane, crews will tear down half of the Mulholland Bridge.

They're doing it lengthwise because there aren't middle supports on it that would allow them to do it one half at a time like on the Skirball Bridge.

That's why both sides of the 405 will shut down instead of just one side.

Getting to and from LAX is expected to be so problematic the airport is urging people to use shuttles and buses and leave their cars at home.

"We envision, the central terminal area and airline operationsto operate somewhat like what happens on the busiest day of the year which is the day before thanksgiving," according to Nancy Castles, LAX Spokesperson.

Travelers are warned it may be triple the normal time to get to LAX.

UCLA's Student Body Vice President says she doesn't plan to leave her Westwood apartment.

"Maybe walk to the beach if I don't get too lazy, or it's not too hot, but I am not touching my car," according to Joelle Gamble, UCLA Student Body External VP.

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