LA Photographer Captures Carmageddon With Time-Lapse Video

It may have taken him all night, but Matt Givot's time-lapse video of Carmageddon is breathtaking. And, he wasn't the only one capturing the 405 Freeway closure.

Photographer Matt Givot knows a thing or two about time-lapse photography.

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Earlier this year, he wowed users with his short film "The Angels," a 4.5-minute angelic look at Los Angeles through 6,335 time-lapsed exposures.

For his next project, Carmageddon seemed like the perfect fit.

"I was up all night," Givot said in an e-mail to NBC LA. "The process is time consuming because I cannot leave my equipment alone. However, this is a passion and a love of mine. I thoroughly enjoy the wait."

The film -- composed of 3,600 images -- spans Friday evening to Saturday morning, or as Givot put it, "I shot until I ran out of battery and memory."

It was the stories behind the freeway, Givot said, that really took him by surprise.

"It was as if everyone that I ran into had something to tell me about it. I realized that this was something very rich in history for the people of Los Angeles," Givot said.

"One local resident in his late 50s shared with me that it was a place where he raced every weekend as a teenager," said Givot. "He had a huge smile on his face almost like parents do when speaking of their children."

The video is available on Givot's Vimeo page.

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