Retiree Gives Lottery Ticket a Second Chance, Wins $3 Million

Instead of tearing up her nonwinning California Lottery ticket and throwing it away, Carol Craver entered it in the 2nd Chance Program. The strategy paid off in this week's drawing

A retiree from Inglewood turned her nonwinning California Lottery ticket into a prize totaling more than $3 million.

Carol Craver won $3.25 million through the Lottery's Scratchers 2nd Chance game. If a ticket isn't an instant winner, its code can be entered into the California Lottery's 2nd Chance Program and added to a weekly pool drawing.

Craver's $5 California Lucky Life ticket didn't win the instant prize, but her loyalty to playing the 2nd Chance Game paid off Monday with the multimillion dollar prize.

"I've always been lucky, but nothing like this," Craver said. "When I realized what I won, I fell to my knees and began to pray. It's amazing."

Craver will receive $2,500 a week for 25 years. She plans to invest and maybe take a trip to Las Vegas or an Alaskan cruise, Craver said.

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