CDC Warns Against Traveling to Mexico Amid High Risk of COVID-19

This is the highest warning level due to a higher probability of life-threatening risks.

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The CDC is warning U.S. residents to avoid traveling to Mexico amid a high risk of contracting COVID-19.

On the scale managed by the CDC, Mexico went from level 3, which means "high", to level 4, which means a "very high" risk.

“Avoid traveling to Mexico. If you must travel to Mexico, make sure you are vaccinated and up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations before you travel,” the CDC said on their website.

The advisory points out that even when American travelers are fully vaccinated, there is still the possibility of contracting and spreading the virus.

Specifically, the recommendations they cite are:

  • Make sure you are vaccinated and up to date on your COVID-19 shots before you travel.
  • Even if you are up to date on your coronavirus vaccinations, you may still be at risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.
  • Anyone age 2 and older should wear a properly fitting face covering in public spaces.
  • Follow all the requirements and recommendations of the Mexican health authorities.

In recent reports, according to the Ministry of Health, Mexico reported 13,926 new COVID-19 infections to accumulate 4,930,069 cases, in addition to 131 deaths to total 305,893 deaths.

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