Celebrate: Canada Day in LA

Head for a Santa Monica get-together to celebrate.

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July 1 is Canada Day, a celebratory occasion with historical importance and contemporary cachet, both. 

Honoring the holiday, whether with a dinner or get-together or simply raising a toast after a heartily sung round of "O Canada" is up to the person. And many of those LA-based revelers — thousands, in fact — will be marking the day Canada's Constitution Act joined the trio of existing provinces together in 1867.

For Southern California is home to an impressive number of Canadian citizens, and while all aren't here to work in the entertainment industry, a good number of people are (think of all those magazine lists, headed by William Shatner and Michael J. Fox, detailing which of our favorite stars hail from the Great White North).

Where to raise your Molson's, then, on Friday, July 1, if you plan to be with people who want to gather and pay homage? 

Poutine bastion Smoke's Hollywood will stage a poutine-eating contest on July 1, if devouring a load of delicious fries, and gravy, and cheese curds is one of the things you do best. (If so, we raise an impressed high five in your direction.)

Canada in LA, from the Consulate General of Canada Los Angeles, has some fun suggestions on how to do up the holiday, including a merry meet-up at Wokcano in Santa Monica on the evening of Friday, July 1. A red carpet, gratis bites, and Canadian brews lend flavor to the special night.

And Canadians Abroad Southern California suggested Poutine for the People on Sunday, July 3. It's a few days after Canada Day, of course, but a festive way to keep the holiday weekend going.

Enjoy, Canadians of Southern California, and Happy Canada Day.

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