Celebrate ‘Friendsgiving' on the WB Studio Tour

The One Where You Go to Burbank for a Special 90-Minute "Friends" Tour is coming up this November.

What to Know

  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
  • November 2019 (select dates)
  • $139

Maybe you’ve never splashed around in a fountain alongside some of your crew. Or had your own spoken-for couch down at the local coffeehouse.

And wearing an entire turkey on your head? That’s pretty unlikely, though if you have done that, well, then that happened.

But we’ll just bet that you know the series “Friends” as well as you know how to cook the perfect Thanksgiving side dish.

Or pivot while carrying a heavy piece of furniture.

If this is the case, and you’re longing to plunge deeper into the pal-sweet phenom, there’s a way you can do so, with one memorable meal-based twist.



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By hopping onto the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood.

True, this tour, which takes place at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, where “Friends” was filmed over 10 ratings-dominating seasons, does regularly visit the show's coffee-cool Central Perk set, which is on view at Stage 48, the concluding stop on the tour.

Something extra-special is afoot this November, however, and it involves a full-on “Friends”-focused tour, a drive-around, walk-around, sit-on-the-couch-around experience that will last for 90 minutes.

That’s just over three episodes, back-to-back, if you want to measure it that way.

The reason? It’s the 25th anniversary of the comedy, of course.

You’ll get a lot of “Friends” lookie-loo-ing in during the special "Friendsgiving" tour, is what we’re saying, thanks to a visit to the iconic fountain from the credits, and a swing-by of the Central Perk set (yep, you’ll be able to plunk down on that famous orange sofa for some snapshots).

You’ll also play “Friends” trivia (we’re just betting you know more than anyone else does), and take part in a “Smelly Cat” sing-along (you know the words), and sit down to a “holiday meal in the same place the cast ate while filming!”

And, for sure: You’ll toodle by the exterior of Stage 24, which will likely and probably forever be known as the “Friends” stage around the lot.

This isn’t happening all November, do note, and tickets are limited. The cost? It’s $139 per person, which is an amount that's probably close to the characters’ monthly latte bill at the Central Perk.

Did you begin your love affair with java while watching “Friends”?

Many people did.

Prepare to simmer in a warm brew of “Friends”-inspired holiday feeling, this November, at the place where the beloved show first got stuck in second gear.

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