Celebrities are always after a new look, and sometimes that means more than just a new 'do. Which of these stars do you think went under the plastic surgeon's knife?

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Bruce Jenner, who brought home gold at the 1976 Olympic games, has changed quite a bit from his decathlon days. The reality star, better known now as step-father to the Kardashian clan, appears to have a more defined jaw and a completely reshaped, thinner nose. Click to see more celebrities who've gone under the knife.
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To paraphrase Dolly Parton, looking that cheap, well, isn't cheap. She's spent plenty getting work done on her face — and her famously ample chest. "I look at myself like a show dog. I've got to keep her clipped and trimmed and in good shape," she's said.
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Jennifer Grey's "Baby" face is gone. The "Dirty Dancing" star, who openly regretted having her nose done in the late 80s, appears to have gone under the knife again. "Her lips appear to have been injected," Dr. Anthony Youn told RadarOnline.com.
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The fashionista formerly known as Posh Spice has seen the plastic surgeon at least three times since she met husband David Beckham in 1997. She went from a 34A bra size to a 34DD and then back again.
Victoria Beckham let slip to Vogue that she’s had her DD breast implants removed. “No more torpedo ­bazookas, either," she said.
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Lacey Schwimmer, who was Chaz Bono's dance partner on Dancing With the Stars, got a hush-hush boob job, a source told People. "Lacey's told friends she got a boob job. She'd wanted one for a while so she went ahead and did it," the source said.
The model and actress is rumored to have had three breast surgeries to achieve her signature look. But you might wonder if she had some lifting done as well... we're talking about her face.
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It looks like Jada Pinkett Smith's undergone a transformation between the March premier of "Madagascar 3" and the May premier of husband Will Smith’s "Men in Black 3." Her face seems thinner with more defined cheek bones, but could the rumored plastic surgery just be the result of her smirk? You be the judge.
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Singer and actor Wayne Newton posed for a photo in 1990 — apparently before he started with the surgery. "Mr. Las Vegas" has performed over 30,000 solo shows in Las Vegas over more than 40 years...
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Newton is pictured at left in 1990 and at right in 2011, at age 69. When Wayne was a child performer, he had to bleach his hair blond so he would be accepted by the public. Now he apparently has made even more changes.
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The rumors are true: Bristol Palin’s new look is a result of going under the knife. The surgery, however, wasn’t cosmetic. Palin, in an interview with Us Weekly, said the corrective jaw surgery was “necessary for medical reasons,” reportedly to fix an overbite.
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Sarah Chalke, who rose to fame playing the neurotic but hilarious Elliot in Scrubs, had a wholesome, girl-next-door look back in 2006.
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But come 2011, there are some distinct changes. Though the actress hasn't admitted to going under the knife, her nose looks much thinner and her eyes look different.
It appears Lindsay Lohan's lips are growing along with her criminal record. LiLo showed up for her court arraignment on a charge of felony grand theft with what appeared to be a plumper pout. Lohan has denied having any injections to her lips in the past, but do you believe her?
Lisa Rinna, who starred with hubby Harry Hamlin in the TV Land reality show "Harry Loves Lisa," spent 20 years with a silicone-augmented upper lip gone badly awry. Her corrective surgery made for one of the show's main subplots and left her looking much better.
The operation was documented for the show, and Rinna warned young women not to have their lips fattened up.
In a little over three years, Heidi Montag went from a Colorado party girl living in Los Angeles to a plastic surgery addict. "For the past three years, I've thought about what to have done," she told People magazine. "I'm beyond obsessed."
Joan Rivers is known for her stints on the red carpet with her daughter, but Melissa Rivers has one message for her mom: Enough plastic surgery! Her daughter says her 77-year-old mother's surgical enhancements are a source of conflict between the pair.
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The comedienne's penchant for plastic surgery has become the butt of many jokes — even her own. In a GEICO commercial, she asked, "Am I smiling? I can't tell! I can't feel my face!"
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In 2006, Ashlee Simpson was coy about her new nose, not spilling any details.
She later told Us Weekly that "as long as people have two eyes" they could tell whether or not she had had work done. Well, we have two eyes, Ashlee, and we say: Good call!
Paris "the Heiress" Hilton has a face that's been imprinted on our brains. But there's another aspect of Paris that may have escaped notice...
Paris seems to make a bigger impression than she did five years ago. Could a mere push-up bra be responsible, or is there something more to it?
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Fergie's bandmade will.i.am once called her the body of the Black Eyed Peas.
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Maybe Fergie wanted to be the face of the group, too — and perhaps that's why her nose looks so different these days.
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Hole frontwoman Courtney Love is at least as famous for her marriage to the late Kurt Cobain as she is for her role in The People vs Larry Flynt. But it seems her career wasn't the only thing that got a makeover after her grunge days...
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Love has fessed up to having extensive plastic surgery. In 2007, she wrote on her MySpace page that she had done some damage in her grunge years and wanted to restore her looks. Perhaps she should have stuck with her original celebrity skin.
We're pretty sure the world knows that the Jackson family's LaToya Jackson has had plastic surgery, but we thought a trip down memory lane might remind us just how far she's come.
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Here's LaToya decade by decade, pictured in, from left to right, the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. We thought we'd spare you the new millennium.
Jenna Jameson changed her name from Jenna Marie Massoli for her porn career. But did the former star change more than her name?
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Compare Jenna now to Jenna five years ago... Are the new eyes and lips the work of a surgeon or a not-too-gifted make-up artist?
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We all know the sad tale of Mickey Rourke: Boxing robbed him of his looks, but then The Wrestler revived his acting career.
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But sadly for Mickey, nothing has been able to restore what fighting took.
There's no denying that Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry is a gorgeous woman.
But whether she's had work done or not is up for debate. Do you think her nose looks more sculpted now?
Born Kimberly Denise Jones, Lil' Kim changed her name for her career as one of the top lady rappers of the '90s.
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But it appears that's not all she changed. It looks like the MC got cheek implants, a nose job, brow lift and breast augmentation — not to mention a hair transformation.
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Sylvester Stallone rose to fame with Rocky, which he wrote and starred in, about a down-on-his-luck boxer named Rocky Balboa.
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Sly's face seems to have taken a beating over the years. In addition to suffering a broken nose, it appears Sly may have undergone some other altering procedures.
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Legendary country singer Kenny Rogers has won a slew of Grammys, Country Music Awards and American Music Awards.
Is he also a plastic surgery patient? It looks like his eyes got a lift since 2001, when the photo on the left was taken.
We've watched Tara Reid grow up in front of our eyes. Reid began acting when she was nine, appearing on a game show and in commercials before she hit the big screen.
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It's actually no secret that Tara Reid has had work done, thanks to a dress mishap in 2006 that exposed her botched plastic surgery. Reid later went public with the story of how her plastic surgery went wrong and fortunately was able to get it corrected.
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Priscilla Presley has been in the public eye since she began dating Elvis in the 1960s. She stayed in the spotlight, starring in hits like The Naked Gun movies.
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But the spotlight wasn't kind when Presley had some shoddy work done. Daniel Serrano, an Argentinian doctor dubbed "Dr. Jiffy Lube," injected auto mechanic-grade silicone into her face. She was able to repair some, but not all, of the damage.
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High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale has been in the public eye since a young age.
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And now we'll be looking at a slightly different version for years to come.
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Designer Donatella Versace followed in her brother Gianni's footsteps all the way into high fashion.
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But Donatella's looks are constantly changing — and we don't just mean her clothing lines. Perhaps she should have told her doctor to "Get out!"
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