How to Save Money Now on Your Cell Phone Bill

Cell phones today are virtually mini computers loaded with gadgets, games, and gizmos, from cameras to projection screens. However, these features may ultimately end up costing you more than they’re worth. So if you’re looking to reduce your monthly bill, here are four tips that can help you save now.
Tip #1:
If you don’t use it lose it. For light users, moving to a prepaid plan can help you save on unused minutes.
Tip #2:
Get rid of your phone insurance if your phone is more than three to six months old, or if it’s an inexpensive model under $50. You don’t want to pay more for insurance than the phone is worth, so consider getting insurance for the first few months you have your phone when it’s at its premium, then consider canceling. This could save you five to seven bucks a month.
Beware of the family plan. Family plans share minutes and have several people working towards a monthly limit. This can result in reaching that limit sooner than anticipated. In addition, family plans often have hidden termination fees, which could cost you in the neighborhood of 200 dollars per phone.
Tip #4:
Compare your calling plan online. There are several free websites that allow you to upload your cell phone bill and compare your usage and needs line by line to see if there’s another plan or carrier that can save you money.

Tip #5:
Need help tracking your cell phone usage? Sign up (for free!) at to receive a text, or e-mail when you are about to go over your minutes

Tip #6:
Instead of using your cell to call friends, use your computer! Skype allows you to call people with other skype accounts for free

Tip #7:
Keep it all in the family, by making sure your close ones are all on the same plan. Generally, there’s no charge if you call people on your same network

Are cell phone international calling fees the reason you want to flee the country? Sites like allow you to bypass international fees by linking your cell phone to your computer
Sites like will then compare your usage and needs … line-by-line to see if there is another plan or carrier that can save you money.
And if you like the service you have you can always call your phone company’s customer loyalty department and ask for a reduction.

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