Chino Hills Residents Bring Power Line Protest to Edison's Doorstep

They claim a power line project puts them in danger

Some three dozen Chino Hills residents traveled to Rosemead on Wednesday to stage a rally in front of the headquarters of Southern California Edison.

They went to protest the construction of giant power line towers in their city.

Some of these towers pass within 154 feet of their homes.

Protest organizer Andrew Reed said he was there because it was a matter of health.

"These poles are going to have 500 kilovolts going through the lines. They say cancer and health effects, there are kids that are in the neighborhood," he said.

The residents are also concerned that the giant power poles could topple during an earthquake or high winds.

"These types of towers are not just affecting Chino," said resident Terri Thomas.


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They are part of Edison's Tehachapi Project, which is supposed to bring renewable energy from the Antelope Valley to customers in San Bernardino County. The wires run more than 170 miles and Edison maintains the company controls the right-of-way and the plan is safe.

Edison spokeswoman Lais Odenthal explained that the plan has already been sanctioned by the California Public Utilities Commission.

"The California Public Utilities Commission has heard the complaint from the public including the residents of the Chino Hills," she said.

She added that the PUC balanced the concerns of the residents with the need to bring additional energy into the grid.

This did little to assuage the residents of the Coral Ridge neighborhood where the towers that are nearly 200 feet tall are being constructed.

The city of Chino Hills currently has a lawsuit in the works appealing the PUC decision approving the towers.

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