Southern California

Chow Chow Muzzled With Rubber Band Found Wandering Streets

A Chow Chow mix dog was found wandering the streets of Southern California with its snout tightly bound with a rubber band.

A good Samaritan discovered the dog in the 500 block of Pasadena Avenue in the city of Pomona Tuesday. The pup was brought in to the Inland Valley Humane Society and SPCA for treatment.

Vets at the Inland Valley Human Society say the 3-year-old dog, which staff are calling Caleb, appeared to have been muzzled for a long period of time and was in a lot of pain. 

The rubber band was embedded into the dog’s snout and required immediate surgery. 

Caleb had no collar, no identification tag and no microchip when he was found. The Inland Valley Humane Society and SPCA were searching for the owner or person responsible and considering pursuing animal cruelty charges.

Caleb was in stable condition Thursday.

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