2 Women Shot in Christopher Dorner Manhunt Still Suffering, Says Attorney

Exactly one month after the massive manhunt for ex-LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner, time has not done much to heal the wounds of the two Torrance women caught in the crossfire as they delivered newspapers Feb. 7.

Glen Jonas, the attorney for 71-year-old Emma Hernandez and her daughter Maggie Carranza, paid a visit back to the neighborhood Thursday where the pair was mistakenly shot at by eight LAPD officers, who based on information received that morning, believed Dorner to be in the area.

The two women were in a blue Toyota pick-up truck police believed was similar to the one Dorner had been driving. Hernandez was shot in the back and has been in and out of the hospital since that morning, according to Jonas.

"I'm sorry to say that they're not doing well," said Jonas, who said he is working on an agreement with the LAPD. "They live in fear every day that they wake up and think they might get shot again."

There were 102 bullet holes in the truck, according to Jonas, who said the women still have not received a replacement truck promised by the LAPD.

"I guess there's some hiccups in the process of how you do such a donation," Jonas said.

Hernandez's family has been without a primary vehicle since the shooting, which has proven to be difficult for the family.

"They're under a major financial burden, because they're unable to work," said Jonas. "(Emma) is having a very rough time. She's got extreme fatigue, is having difficulty eating, walking, just doing anything," said Jonas. "Every day there's a concern that they're going to lose their grandmother and they're having a rough time with it."

The LAPD is continuing its internal investigation into the shooting. The officers involved are on non-field duties.

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