Remembering the Victims: Six Years After the Christopher Dorner Manhunt

A look at the survivors and victims left in the wake of former Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Dorner's Feb. 2013 killing rampage.

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Monica Quan, 28, and her fiancé, Keith Lawrence, 27, were fatally shot in the parking structure of their Irvine apartment complex on Feb. 3, 2013. Quan worked as an assistant coach for the Cal State Fullerton women's basketball team and was the daughter of Randal Quan, a retired LAPD captain. The captain was mentioned by name in Dorner's 17-page manifesto published online. Lawrence and Quan shared a love of basketball. His coaches from high school and college praised him for being the best on their teams and for his strong leadership skills. He had proposed to Quan just four days before the two were found dead. The two were the first people killed by Dorner.
Riverside police officer Michael Crain was on routine patrol with his partner, Andrew Tachias, when Dorner ambushed them at a stop light on Feb. 7, 2013. He was shot and killed. The 34-year-old was an 11-year veteran in the force and is survived by his wife and two children.
Detective Jeremiah MacKay, 35, was killed after exchanging gunfire with a man believed to be Dorner on the last day of the fugitive ex-LAPD officer’s manhunt. A statue memorializing the deputy was unveiled in his hometown of Lake Arrowhead. MacKay is survived by his wife and children.
Tachias was on patrol with his partner Michael Crain when Dorner allegedly pulled up at a stop light in Riverside and ambushed them. Tachias was shot eight times. Crain was killed. Tachias suffered two broken arms and had to have one of his shoulders replaced. He suffered nerve damage that affected his hand movements. Tachias has received an outpouring of support from the community as he recovered from the shooting. In 2015, he was named the head coach of the boys cross country team at Covina High School. He was the inspiration behind the establishment of the Riverside Hometown Heroes Honor Run.
Deputy Alex Collins suffered gunshot wounds to the face, left forearm and left knee during the gun battle with Christopher Dorner at a cabin in Big Bear. Collins' load-bearing vest saved him from what likely would have been a fatal shot to the upper chest. After seven months and 20 surgeries, Collins returned to work in September 2013.
Carranza and her mother, Hernandez, were driving in a pickup truck around Torrance on the morning of Feb. 7, 2013 delivering newspapers when Los Angeles Police Department officers opened fire on them. During the Dorner manhunt, the officers mistook the pair's truck for Dorner's. Hernandez was shot twice and Carranza got cuts on her hands, likely from broken glass. In April 2014, the mother and daughter received a $4.2 million settlement with the city, in addition to $40,000 for the loss of their truck. The Los Angeles County District Attorney announced in January 2016 that the eight officers who shot at them were not being criminally charged.
David Perdue had been on his way to pick up a friend for an early morning surfing outing when the truck he was driving was blindsided by Torrance officers mistaking him for Dorner. Officers fired several rounds into the cabin of his pickup. Perdue wasn't hit, but was injured in the crash. He filed a lawsuit against the city of Torrance alleging that his injuries are so severe that he cannot return to his previous job as an airport baggage handler and made it difficult for him to do simple tasks, including playing with his kids. The city reimbursed Perdue $20,000 for the damage done to his truck. No charges were filed against the officers who shot Perdue.
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For 10 days in February 2013, former officer Christopher Dorner waged what he called "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare" against those he blamed for his dismissal from the force four years earlier. Dorner had posted a manifesto on his Facebook page threatening to avenge his firing. Written material not published in the manifesto named specific targets including Beck's father, retired LAPD Deputy Chief George Beck. An exclusive NBC4 investigation following the Dorner killings found that the rogue ex-LAPD officer was also stalking Beck's father. Beck remains the chief of the LAPD.
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Richard Heltebrake's truck was carjacked by Christopher Dorner on Feb. 13, 2013 in Redlands. Following the carjacking, the fugitive allegedly killed a San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputy and barricaded himself inside a Big Bear cabin. Heltebrake filed a lawsuit following the ordeal seeking more than $1 million in reward money, arguing that his 911 call alerted authorities to the whereabouts of Dorner. A njudge dismissed all of the claims in October 2016. Heltebrake is listed as a ranger for Camp Tahquitz on the
The father of Monica Quan, who was the first person killed along with her fiance Keith Lawrence. Randal Quan is a former LAPD captain and had represented Dorner in the disciplinary hearing that resulted in Dorner's termination from the force. Quan and his family were named as targets in Dorner’s manifesto. Randal Quan had called police the night the couple was shot, fearing that it was his daughter who was killed. He has a law practice on South San Pedro Street in Downtown Los Angeles.
The Reynolds owned and rented out the Big Bear cabin that Dorner holed himself inside for several days. They encountered Dorner on the last day of the manhunt. He tied them up and left, stealing their vehicle before the final shootout, standoff and inferno at a separate cabin. Eighty percent of the $1 million reward offered during the manhunt put up by several city and county agencies and private donors was awarded to them.
Kaoud was driving for his cab company when he watched Dorner ambush officers Michael Crain and Andrew Tachias at a stoplight in Riverside. Kaoud rushed to the scene to help, and found Crain already dead or dying, and Tachias unable to punch the buttons on his radio microphone to call for help. Kaoud held the microphone to Tachias' lips so the officer could rasp up his call. One month after the manhunt, the Riverside Police Department honored Kaoud and Jack Chilson, who chased after Dorner in his car after the officer ambush, with plaques thanking them for their service.
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