Circle K Robber Uses Van as a Battering Ram in Vernon Heist

A determined robber reversed a full-size van into the convenience store several times, forcing open a metal gate to steal cash register, cigarettes and Scratchers tickets.

NBC Universal, Inc.

Security camera video shows a white full-size van reversing several times into the front of a convenience store in a crash-and-grab robbery early Friday in Vernon. 

The van-turned-battering ram can be seen slamming into the gate and through the entrance of the Circle K store in the 2500 block of South Santa Fe Avenue. No one was in the closed store during the 1 a.m. robbery.

About half the van ended up inside the store.

After crashing into the gate about three times, the driver entered the store through the damaged entrance and left with a cash register, cigarettes and Scratchers lottery tickets. 

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