City Shuts Down Food Truck Lot

City officials chew over possible solutions for a food truck lot

Trae Patton/NBC

The idea was to gather LA's food trucks, put them in one place, and turn customers loose in what was to be a parking lot buffet.

The truck operators got the OK from the property's owner, but there's that matter of getting permission from the city of Santa Monica.

"Basically, this was a non-permited use of the food truck (vendors) on that lot," Kate Vernez, assistant to the city manager, told the Santa Monica Daily Press.

City officials said they never heard from anybody about using the lot at 14 Street and Santa Monica Boulevard. The bad news reached food truck lot Twitter followers Tuesday morning.

"We've been shutdown... The land owner was mistaken on some zoning issues. I'm sorry guys... Stay tuned."

But that doesn't mean the not-so-fancy feast will never happen. Vernez told the Daily Press that city officials are studying whether there's some type of permit for which the vendors could apply.

Steve Taub is the property owner. He said he is "determined" to find a solution.

Organizers said about 1,200 people showed up Monday, the first day of operation. Several people who visited the lot Tuesday left disappointed and hungry.

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