City's Bike Plan Presented, Promptly Booed

The Department of Transportation presented its Bicycle Plan yesterday, a proposal which was universally booed by members of the bicycling community, reports Criticisms included worry the plan wasn't detailed enough, while public speakers derided the DOT for hiring an "outside consultant to draw up the plans at a pretty price." Via "'No matter what people tell you, we are not involved in the process,' said bike activist Stephen Box, who also commented on several other items discussed at the meeting. 'I'm calling on you to…call it dead,' he told Transportation Committee Councilmembers Wendy Greuel and Bill Rosendahl." The unhappiness wasn't entirely unexpected, as the $450,000 plan had previously been seen by bike advocates. On the upside, the meeting concluded with Greuel tell the bike committee to come with a plan on how to work with the public on the Bicycle Plan. So, more plans about plans. And you can see the plan here. []

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