Lake Balboa

Classroom for Special Needs Students Completely Destroyed by Vandals

A classroom for special needs students in Lake Balboa was completely destroyed and valuables were stolen after individuals vandalized property.

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A classroom for special needs middle schoolers at Mulholland Middle School were completely destroyed after thieves vandalized the property.

Teachers and members of the community at the Lake Balboa school are in disbelief, but are trying to raise funds to replace the electronics that were stolen, appliances that were ruined, and to replant the flowers from the makeshift indoor garden that was knocked over.

The teacher, Kyle MacDonald, recorded the damage to his classroom and shared that video with NBC4.

The garden, which helped the classroom serve as a safe haven for the autistic and special needs students at the school, was severely damaged.

Chromebooks that the students use were stolen and others appeared to have been hit with a mallet. School authorities will try their best to track down some of the computers that were stolen.

Fish tanks were thrown to the grown and subsequently all the fish died.

It seemed that nothing in the classroom was left untouched.

This is not the first time that the school has faced an attack this like this -- the first attack happened just two weeks ago.

A police reported was filed and moving forward the school plans to install security cameras to prevent another incident from happening in the future.

All the donations collected through the GoFundMe set up by teachers at the school will help rebuild what many community members call a "sanctuary."

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