Click With photo l.a.'s ‘First-Ever Virtual Photo Fair'

The 2020 Virtual Collect + Connect will bring together 70-plus exhibitors and a line-up of events for photographers and photo fans.

Tamar Freed

What to Know

  • June 27 and 28, 2020
  • $20 Weekend Pass
  • Dozens of exhibitors, workshops, cocktail hours, competitions

The opportunity to peer through a fabulous photographer's lens is akin to taking a studied stroll through their mind, hearts, and intriguing outlook on life.

In short, looking at a photograph is never simply "looking at a photograph," but rather looking at the world from a viewpoint of another human being, an experience countless photography fans relish.

And when photography fans have the chance to call upon a photo-rich exhibit, which offers a host of chances to connect with photographers on soul-deep, idea-rich levels, people take it, knowing they'll likely walk away uplifted, challenged, and changed by the art they enjoyed.

photo l.a. has been one of the major photography experiences in Southern California for several years, a "contemporary and collaborative platform" that gives those who create, those who appreciate, and those who bring fine photos to the public a lively place to gather.

That place will be online over the final weekend of June 2020, when the Virtual Collect + Connect clicks, clicks, clicks onto our at-home screens.

"We've reimagined the traditional fair space to digitally connect galleries and private dealers, collectors, photographers and enthusiasts from around the globe," shares the photo l.a. site.

"No longer confined to four walls, our virtual photo fair will play host to over forty exhibitors via interactive, 3D booths accessed via the Whova app and on the photo l.a. website."

Virtual coffee rooms and virtual cocktail hours will also give people across Southern California, and far beyond, a scintillating space, one where photo-focused conversations reign.

The all-inclusive Weekend Pass? It's $20.

You'll want to download the Whova app ASAP, and then peruse all of the art-cool happenings unfurling during the packed weekend, which will celebrate fantastic photography, and the community that supports it, on June 27 and 28.

Pictured: Tamar Freed Starry Night, 2017 ,Inkjet print on archival paper, 120 x 180 cm V Contemporary

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