Click Your Heels, for ‘Wizard' Is Back on the Big Screen

Tell Auntie Em, and Toto, too, that this super-classic is flying back on its iconic broom, for three days only.

What to Know

  • Jan. 27, 29, and 30
  • Several SoCal theaters
  • Tickets available through Fathom Events

Making the claim that several noted elements swirling through "The Wizard of Oz" arrive in packs of three?

You don't need to go too far out on any limb, or a yellow brick road, should you want to make such a statement.

For consider this: Dorothy Gale, the story's brave adventurer, meets three treasured friends along the way to the Emerald City — hey there, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion — and she clicks her ruby-red heels three times, when the moment arrives to head home.

Are three witches seen on screen? Indeed. There may be four witches in the L. Frank Baum book, but in the 1939 film we encounter, Glinda the Good Witch, The Wicked Witch of the West, and, yes, the feet of The Wicked Witch of the East.

Even the representatives of the Lollipop Guild make up a trio.

Which is all leading up to this threeful, gleeful fact: "The Wizard of Oz" is flying back to the big screen for three days.


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Make that only three days, we should say, near the close of January 2019: Jan. 27, 29, and 30, a Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Several Southern California theaters will show the beyond-beloved film, so, cross your fingers, and bark like Toto, and hope there's one in the neck o' your own city, Emerald or otherwise.

Fathom Events and TCM are behind the film screening, which is part of the 2019 TCM Big Screen Classics series. TCM Primetime host Ben Mankiewicz will provide "special commentary," both ahead and after the movie, should you need more Dorothy deets and Oz-some facts in your world.

By the by, the gem among film gems turns 80 in 2019, making these screenings extra celebratory, as though "The Wizard of Oz" doesn't have sparkle to spare.

Click, click, click those heels, then dance along those colorful bricks to the Fathom Events site now, for that ticket to see the Wizard.

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