Cloudy Glasses? Blame Your Detergent

Changed Formula Means Less Sparkle

If the glasses coming out of your dishwasher look a little more cloudy these says, it may not be your fault.

If turns out that the manufacturers of automatic dish washing detergents are tinkering with their formulas to remove phosphate. Phosphate is harmful to the environment so the ingredient has been banned in several states.

The problem is phosphate helps most detergents work their magic and make dishes come out of the dishwasher absolutely sparkling.

Without phosphate in the formula, the glasses are still clean, but they might come out cloudy-looking, especially if they are washed in Southern California's hard water.

Experts have told NBCLA that phosphate was a major ingredient --a real workhorse and the manufacturers cannot just replace it overnight.

To get rid of cloudiness, they suggest adding some white vinegar to the wash cycle or check the ingredients in several different brands of detergents to find one that still uses phosphate.


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