Comedian Tweets iPhone-Shaped Cookie Prank

According to Randy Liedtke’s social media accounts, the LA-based comedian baked the iPhone-shaped treats to trick officers into pulling him over.

There are laws against texting and driving. There are laws against using a handheld phone and driving. But for now, there are no laws against eating an iPhone-shaped-cookie and driving.

Stand-up comic Randy Liedtke says he did just that.
Liedtke, known for an elaborate Twitter hoax earlier this year, documented his latest prank on his social media accounts.
The Los Angeles-based comedian first posted a photo on Monday of his iPhone-shaped cookies (shown at right) on Twitter with the caption, "Made iPhone Cookies to trick cops into pulling me over, I'll just take a bite and ask if cookies are against the law."


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Liedtke continued to post on social media about his prank: “Driving around chatting on the Cookie iPhone I baked, trying to get pulled over so I can just eat the cookie in the cops face,” he said on Instagram.
According to Liedtke’s Twitter, it wasn’t until his attempts on Wednesday that he finally got the attention he was looking for – interaction he describes with a police officer. Liedtke shared his account in a play-by-play format on social media.
Liedtke did not speficy which police agency he interacted with. He did not reply to a request for comment made via Facebook. Calls to LAPD and the LA County Sheriff's Department neither substantiated nor refuted his claims. 
"Just saw a police car going the other way. Gonna turn around and see if I can catch up and drive by it," Liedtke posted on Twitter.
The tweeting continued. "Took a bite out of the cookie. He was so confused and angry. Told me to hold tight, he is back in his car now."
Holding cookies while driving is not illegal, and one would think that Liedtke would be free to go about his day after this. Unfortunately, according to his tweets anyway, that was not the case. 
Liedtke tweeted that the cop told him he had a warrant out for unpaid parking tickets. "Making me go with him. Letting me text gf but Im tweeting this," Liedtke shared via Twitter, while posting a photo of a half-eaten iPhone cookie lying on the sidewalk.
Liedtke's social accounts went silent for 10 hours.
But Wednesday night, he returned to his Twitter account and posted a photo of himself in front of what appeared to be a police station, holding a sheet of paper that looked like a ticket (shown at left).
"Wasn't worth it. I'm an idiot... No more iPhone Cookies," he tweeted.
Liedtke did not return NBC4's requests for comment by the time of publication.

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