Anaheim Takes Its Comic-Con Fight to Facebook

City makes an online push to bring the convention to Anaheim

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As part of its campaign to attract Comic-Con, the city of Anaheim is taking its fight to the heart of geek culture: the Internet.

Last month, Anaheim confirmed its proposal to lure the 2013 event from San Diego to the Anaheim Convention Center. Now, it's upped the ante; the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau has launched a fan page on Facebook, the Wrap reported.

"You need to be assured that moving to Anaheim is the best decision you could ever make," said the bureau in a post entitled, "An Open Letter to Comic-Con International."

"So we've arranged a little experiment. We've set up a Facebook Fan Page to gauge the fervor of the Southern California crowd; a page to show you just how excited people would get at the mere consideration of Comic-Con International moving to Anaheim."

So far, the interest hasn't exactly been mind blowing. As of Thursday afternoon, the group had 255 fans. In Facebook fan numbers, that's nothing (the fan page for waffles has 177,922 fans).

But this fight is far from over, and the bureau is well aware of the challenges it faces.

"It's one of those things where it's hard to unseat an annual convention from any area, and Comic-Con has a long history in San Diego. But we think we have a lot to offer." Bureau president Charles Ahlers told the OC Register last month.

A decision from the Comic-Con board is expected in July.

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