Compton Mayor Says She Will Fight Against Street Takeovers

The mayor of Compton says she will fight against street takeovers and violence in her city.

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Compton business owners and community members are demanding action from the city to stop illegal street takeovers.

The street takeovers are a dangerous problem that seem to happen every weekend leading to a spike in crime. Compton’s Mayor Emma Sharif says it is disheartening to see the city destroyed by the street takeovers.

Sharif is working closely with the sheriff's department to create a plan of action.

"This is something that should not be accepted in our community, that we are going to continue fight against it, and because we need to make sure, we are taking care of our community," Sharif said. "If you want to go somewhere be in our community that’s fine but if you continue to come to Compton, I feel it is really disrespectful to come here to our city and tear up the city here."

A dangerous street take place over the weekend at the intersection of Alondra & Central. One of several that shut down traffic while drivers performed reckless stunts and ripped up the street.

Afterwards spectators poured into nearby businesses to ransack and vandalize property. Multiple businesses were hit, causing thousands of dollars in damages.

The sheriff's department says they received hundred of complaints but a lack of resources kept them from responding to every call. The mayor says most of these spectators and drivers from the takeovers are not from Compton.

The Compton City Council held a meeting Tuesday night and community members expressed their concerns. The illegal street takeovers were not on the agenda, but concerned residents packed the chambers.

Sharif plans on installing Botts' Dots on major intersections to help reduce speeding and street takeovers.

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