Connecting Californians to Jobs, Tax Breaks and More

California's First Lady, Maria Shriver, is on a state-wide campaign to let people know about We Connect -- a website that connects working families with resources that can help them out.  From job fairs to food stamps, saving for college, and taking advantage of tax breaks -- the First Lady wants to educate people about programs that are available and could make an immediate difference.

The First Lady says there are so many ways to get help, but the government doesn't do a great job of marketing those opportunities.  Speaking to KNBC Thursday, she said, "It's kind of like having the book or the movie, writing it and then not telling anyone that you wrote it or having the movie and not telling anyone that it's coming out. Those businesses would never do that and somehow government does do that.  Being a reporter, I would go in and say well 'nobody knows about this or nobody knows about that' .... so I took it upon myself to place these all under one roof and to go market them, inform people, report on what exists to help people."

As part of her state-wide tour, Shriver visited Magnolia Place Thursday, near downtown Los Angeles.  Magnolia Place is a social services agency for working families. 

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