Clerk's Advice Clinches $1 Million Lottery Win for Construction Worker

Santos Martinez wants to build a house with the money, in addition to setting something aside for the man who gave the winning advice.

Second time's the charm for the man who earlier this month won $1 million in California Lottery money at a Van Nuys liquor store.

Construction worker Santos Martinez went into Liquor Louie's on June 10 intending to buy a single "$20 Scratchers" ticket, but a store clerk advised him to buy two $10 tickets instead, according to the California Lottery.

Martinez took the advice, scratched off both at the store, and hit the jackpot on his second try.

"It was amazing. I didn't realize I had won a million dollars until my friend told me after he double-checked the ticket," Martinez said through a Spanish interpreter.

Martinez said he wants to put his winnings toward building a house.

Liquor Louie's, located at 133 Sherman Way, will receive $5,000 for having sold the winning ticket. As a thank-you for the winning advice, Martinez plans to give something to the store clerk as well.

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