Cooler, Wetter Days Through Wednesday

Most of the region will be humid and somewhat cooler, though weather in the high deserts will be dry and hot.

The next few days will be humid but relatively cool in much of the area, offering a sticky break to last week's heat wave.

Sunday morning dawned with temperatures in the 60s in coastal areas, and humidity of 60 to 70 percent.

Highs were expected of just 67 degrees in Santa Monica. Temperatures are predicted to top out at 81 degrees in Burbank and 84 degrees in Woodland Hills.

In Orange County, temperatures in Santa Ana were expected to hit 77 degrees, with humidity of 65%.

The high desert will remain dry at hot, with low humidity and temperatures reaching up to 94 degrees.

The cooler temperatures will stick around through Wednesday, and start creeping up again on Thursday.

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