Coronavirus Pandemic is Taking a Toll. Here Are Mental Health Resources to Help

We've compiled a list of mental health resources.

Nine months into the pandemic and it's taking a toll on young people. Distance learning and isolation are not only impacting them academically, but also socially and emotionally.

Parents across the country are voicing the same concerns, as are educators.

LA Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner joined the leaders of public schools in New York and Chicago in an opinion piece published in the Washington Post. It calls on the federal government to create a Marshall Plan for reopening schools, with enough funding to meet the needs created by the pandemic.

Among the needs is additional funding to support the social and emotional wellness of children at schools, the superintendents said.

The majority of LAUSD students come from low-income communities hit hardest by the pandemic, with higher rates of job loss, as well as higher case counts and death rates. It all adds stress for students.

While the impacts can't be measured as easily as test scores, Beutner and others say the mental health of students must be addressed to prevent long term consequences.

We put together a list of resources from various local and federal agencies to help.

Tips for Coping With Stress During the Pandemic

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers the following tips:

LAUSD Mental Health Resources

  • Click the link here to access non-emergency tele-health information. You can also call 213-241-3840.
  • Wellness Center and referral forms can be found here.
  • Crisis counseling and intervention services can be found here.
  • School mental health clinic emails can be found here.
  • Wellness Center locations and information can be found here.

County Mental Health Resources

National Institute of Mental Health Resources

California Surgeon General Nadine Harris Burke also released a report focused on toxic stress and health. Read Roadmap to Resilience.

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