Santa Monica

Mom Who Beat COVID-19 Holds Newborn for the First Time, a Month Later

Providence Saint John’s Health Center

A mother to a newborn finally got to meet her one-month-old after beating coronavirus. 

Natalhie Herrera, 35, gave birth to a baby boy in an unexpected C-section three weeks early on Nov. 11.

She never got to hold her newborn son as a result. Her child was three weeks early, and she was diagnosed with COVID-19. She was taken to Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica for treatment.

She was given oxygen and treated for a month, the hospital said. 

Her baby boy was named Felipe, and as she recovered, he went to the NICU.

After that, he went home with his dad and older brother, still not ever getting to be held by his mother. 

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She left the Santa Monica hospital at long last Tuesday to meet her baby boy after surviving coronavirus.

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