Phone Mystery Deepens

The phone was found in a bar near Apple HQ

Could it be true?

A new generation I-Phone, version 4.0, found at a bar near Apple headquarters?

Jason Chen posted a tell-all video on, and is sure he has found Apple's new 4.0 I-Phone.

The website got its hands on the device after someone said they found it in a bar in Redwood City, just up the road from Apple HQ.

"The phone, it was lost. Someone found it, and then something happened in between that where we managed to get ahold of it. When I first saw it, it just seemed weird to me because it looked totally different from the 3GS I was used to," said Jason Chen of

One of the obvious features is the front facing camera for video chatting, a back facing camera with a bigger lens, a secondary mic for noise cancellation and a 16 percent larger battery.

"When I first saw it, it was definitely kind of a surprise, to say 'Oh, wow. This is the new I-Pod.' It's so different from before," according to Jason Chen of

It looks different too. It has an aluminum band around the device, and a flat back as opposed to a rounded shape on the current model.

The question is, could this be the real thing?

According to bloggers closely tied to Apple, apparently Apple wants it back.

"Sure they want it back," according to Jason Chen of

There is a twist here. Apparently around this time last year also posted another photo of what they called the 3GS before it was out. That turned out to be a fake.

"I don't think that previous leaks have been on target. I think this is one of the first," according to Jason Chen of

A first because Chen also believes that some of the components inside of the found phone are clearly Apple components. Also some tech bloggers are saying that Apple considers this item stolen and not lost.

There will be more information on the new I-Phone come June.

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