Council Member Fully Backs Two-Thirds Initiative

LOS ANGELES -- A motion introduced Friday by a Los Angeles councilman urges the city to support any state initiative that would reduce the two-thirds threshold to pass a budget in California.

The state's budget, approved Thursday by the Legislature, was 105 days late and led to the depletion of state accounts, causing $3.3 billion in payments to local governments, state contractors and taxpayers to be deferred.

Councilman Jose Huizar's motion calls on the city to support any initiative or referendum to reduce the vote threshold to pass a state budget from the current two-thirds to a lesser amount.

Arkansas and Rhode Island are the only other states to require a two-thirds vote to pass a budget.

The super-majority requirement "empower(s) the minority political party to exercise inordinate control," Huizar's motion states. The motion was forwarded to the City Council's Rules and Government Committee.

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