COVID Cases Nearly Double Among LAPD Officers This Week As Department Struggles to Get Vaccination Rate Above 50%

The rate of fully vaccinated employees hovers around 47%, according to the department's latest data.

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More than 80 new cases of COVID-19 in the officer ranks of the LAPD have been reported in the last week, just as the department is rushing to vaccinate as many officers as possible ahead of the city's new vaccine mandate.

In the last week, the LAPD says there have been 84 new cases in the department, almost double the number from the previous week.

The rate of fully vaccinated employees hovers around 47%, according to the department's latest data.

Mobile vaccine clinics have begun visiting police stations this week.

"It is my hope that for those of you who have not taken the vaccine yet - that you'll take advantage of this," said Chief Michel Moore.

Ten LAPD officers have now died from COVID.

That internal video message Moore sent to officers that the i-team obtained included images from the recent funeral of Officer Becky Strong, the latest to die from COVID.

"Central area is our area or hotspot, if you will," Moore said.

Among the 84 new cases this week, 26 were at the Central Division alone, although the station doesn't appear on the LA County Department of Public Health's list of outbreaks, which it considers three or more cases in one place.

The public health data shows outbreaks at four LA city fire stations, including station 69 on Sunset Boulevard in the Pacific Palisades.

Fire officials say now 54% of its firefighters have been fully vaccinated, up from 34% just over a month ago.

And today, the International Fire Chief's Association called for mandatory vaccinations.

"You take the battle to them any way you can," said LAPD Capt. Cristian Granucci.

Resistance to the vaccine mandate was on display in this social media video, posted by Granucci, who claims that hundreds of firefighters will refuse.

The fire department says Granucci could face discipline for posting the 12-minute rant because he's wearing department logos and appears to be on duty.

"It's going to stop right here, right now," Granucci said.

The City Council approved the mandatory vaccination rules last week. It's still waiting for the mayor's signature.

As for firefighters, LA County has also mandated that they be vaccinated because they're considered emergency medical workers.

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