Watch: Bull on the Loose Climbs Strip Mall Stairs to Elude Would-Be Wranglers

A bull on the loose rambled down a freeway exit ramp and gave animal control officers fits in a Lake View Terrace strip mall parking lot before climbing a flight of stairs.

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A bull on the loose north of Los Angeles navigated a freeway, city streets and even a flight of stairs at a strip mall before its spirited trot toward freedom came to an end in Lake View Terrace.

The unusual pursuit began when the bull, or possibly a steer, somehow ended up on the 210 Freeway in the northern San Fernando Valley at about midday. Animal control officers in a truck and on foot trailed behind the animal as they ushered it toward the freeway exit and onto streets. Traffic was stopped on the freeway for the attempt at a roadside roundup.

A cow climbs a flight of stairs on it quest for freedom north of Los Angeles March 9, 2022.

The bull then entered a strip mall parking lot where it dodged officers, at least one of whom had a lasso, before the biggest surprise of a bizarre chase. Cautious but undeterred, the bull climbed a flight of stairs and narrowly avoided a pursuer's rope in a sprint toward what would be short-lived freedom.

Eventually, the bull hoofed it to what appeared to be a ranch property where it was wrangled in a cloud of dust.

It was not immediately clear how the bull got onto the freeway, but it likely escaped from a nearby ranch property.

A bull is captured after an afternoon on the loose in Lake View Terrace.
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