Creature Canoodle: Valentine's at LA Zoo

Sex and the City Zoo returns with "up-close animal encounters" and more.

There's probably no need to break out any elaborate graphs or pie charts or PowerPoint presentations to tell you what you already know, deep in the bones, like you know your own heart: Baby animals are very, very, very, very popular on the Internet.

We were tempted to add about a thousand more "verys" there, but there's only so much space on a screen. The Internet is wild for cuddlesome cuddlebuns of the furry and feathery sort — see the recent happy freakout over the lil' wild sea otter born at Monterey Bay Aquarium — but knowing how those cuddlesome cuddlebuns arrive, and are made, is another story.

It's a story told yearly at Sex and the City Zoo, "a wild, adults-only Valentine's celebration" that features "a provocative mating-dating-cohabitating presentation." 


If the thought of hearing how koalas or jaguars or Gray's monitors make, er, kissy faces at one another has you a bit heated, there shall also be "decadent refreshments" too cool things down.

Also, check out the "romantic dinner option" if romantic dinner options ring your personal bell.

The proverbial Cupid arrows come out on Saturday evening, Feb. 13. The presentation is in the Zoo's Witherbee Auditorium, and, yep, there shall be the aforementioned refreshments as well as keeper walkabouts and meetups with small beasties. LA Zoo General Curator Beth Schaefer will do the presenting/Q&A-ing about canoodling in the animal world. 


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If you want to add on a three-courser at Reggie's Bistro, that's an option as well. The dinner seatings follow the presentation, so you'll have plenty to discuss while chowing down on rib-eye filet with wild mushrooms or lobster tortellini.


We're not even going to add a "wink wink" there because "PLENTY" in all caps should be all the "wink wink" you require.

Just be over 21, and secure your tickets soon for this always buzzed-about event. If "buzzed" gets you to thinking about bees, and the birds, and all that furry 'n feathery falling in love, well, you're right on course.

Wink wink.

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