Curb Painting: 20 Bucks!

So you came home today to a note on your door informing you that the house number on the curb is going to be painted. All you have to do is fork over a $20 donation.

Is it a scam? Maybe. Do you have to comply? Absolutely not!

Most local counties and cities require that anyone interested in painting curb numbers for profit must obtain a permit. This way the authorities know who they are, and if problems arise, how to stop them. Keep in mind, local governments have different rules and regulations related to curb painting.
In Los Angeles County the painter has to get prior approval for any literature they plan to hand out.
The City of Los Angeles requires curb painters to be bonded and insured.


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The City of Diamond Bar only authorizes one company a year to do curb painting.
So how do you know who is legitimate and who’s not?
Here are a few tips:
1)  Ask to see a permit. If they’re not legitimate, chances are they’re going to go away.
2)  Check them out. Call the local public works or street services department to see if they are legitimate. In Los Angeles, you can look them up online:
3)  Ask for references. You check out other contractors, why not make sure people are happy with the painter’s work.
4)  Ask where the money is going. If it’s for charity, they’re required to have information about the organization and in most cases their non-profit information.
The bottom line is, they need to have your approval before doing any work on your property. If they give you a hard time or deface the curb because you won’t fork over any cash, report them!
Contact the City of Los Angeles at (213) 847-6000 or the LA County Sheriff’s Office at (323) 526-5541.
Matt Goldberg is the Senior Investigative Producer for NBC Los Angeles.
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