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Meet Merlin the Rescue Duck, and Check Out His Custom Wheelchair

Without the help of rescuers, it is believed that he would have never survived on his own.

What to Know

  • Merlin the duck was found with a leg impairment, by Goats of Anarchy - a sanctuary for special needs goats in New Jersey.
  • Merlin's custom wheelchair lets him move freely and attend physical therapy.
  • The wheelchair was created for Merlin by Walkin' Pets of

Walkin' Pets may soon have to add "waddlin'" to their name.

The online retailer by recently gave a rescue duck its own custom wheelchair.

Merlin was found by rescuers with a defect in his leg that left him immobile. Despite being given a prosthetic to help with stability, the mallard still had trouble reaching a full range of motion.

With the chair, he is able to move around, exercise, and attend water therapy sessions for an hour a day to help him get back to strength and waddling once again.

Goats of Anarchy, a sanctuary for special needs goats, adopted Merlin in Nov. 2018 and currently cares for him in New Jersey. He is the first duck under their watch, but they also care for animals like pigs, horses and Merlin’s best friend, Opal the chicken.

Merlin’s wheelchair is a conversion from a Mini Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair. The customization was made to fit his longer and wider build.


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Without the help of rescuers, it is believed that he would have never survived on his own.

The extra support from Walkin’ Pets will help Merlin get back to shakin’ his tail feathers like never before.

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