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Deputy Meets Baby Matteo, Who He Helped Deliver in Family's Santa Clarita Home

The family and the deputy met for the first time since the early special delivery.

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Wednesday was the first time deputy S. Curameng saw the baby he helped care for since the delivery two days ago.

Sara Boyette and her husband, Martin, had just delivered baby Matteo on the bathroom floor of their Santa Clarita home.

She says, after that, the whole thing is pretty much a blur.

The couple had plans for this delivery, of course. They were going to go to the hospital, like everybody else does.

But Matteo decided to make his early appearance.

"I just got this urge to push," mom said. "Once you get that urge, you can't stop.

Curameng got the radio call.


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"All they gave me was, 'Baby just born,'" said Curameng, who before becoming a deputy worked as a pediatric nurse. "I didn't know what I was running into when I came by."

From nine years doing that job, he knew exactly how to get Matteo breathing and showing normal neurological signs.

"I remembered that I had to keep the baby warm," he said.

He knew that everything was going to be OK once he opened his eyes and started crying.

Wednesday was the first time mom, dad, the deputy, and Matteo's big sister, Valentina, got to meet the deputy since that morning.

And he brought some Christmas presents for the kids.

As for the star of the show himself? He napped. He'll hear the story when he's old enough.

"He's actually a very calm baby, despite how he was born into this world," Mom said.

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