Despite the Moist Weather, SoCal Not Out of Wildfire Danger

Many big fires have occurred in November and December

Los Angeles has been experiencing some uncharacteristically cool and rainy weather recently, and this has caused many locals to relax their concerns on brush and wildfires. However, firefighters are telling people otherwise.

"The brief amount of moisture that we have, it does not take very much for that moisture to dry out," said Inspector Frederic Stowers of LA County Fire.

Chief Dennis Downs of the Pasadena Fire Department said that some of Santa Ana's worst days are in November and December, and some of their big fires have occurred in April.

To help combat these blazes, firefighters use a combination of land and ground equipment. California has two firefighting planes, called super scoopers, on loan from Canada that can drop a thousand gallons of water at a time.

When using ground equipment, firefighters have to be careful. Some of their water trucks can only hold 2,000 gallons at a time, so that water needs to be rationed carefully.

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