Detectives: Killer Targeted Couple in Beach House

An attacker targeted a couple before stabbing them to death last week in a Faria Beach beach house, detectives said Wednesday.

A detective spoke with a crowd about the case Wednesday night at a fire station, according to the Ventura County Star.

"There’s still a lot of evidence to sift through," Hester told residents, according to the newspaper.

Davina and Brock Husted, both 42, were stabbed to death May 20.

The couple's 9-year-old boy ran to another part of the house after he first saw the intruder, and later found his parents' bodies. His 11-year-old sister was asleep in another room, authorities said.

Davina Husted was in the kitchen, and Brock Husted was in a bedroom when the intruder entered, detectives said. The boy was watching television when the attacker entered through a sliding-glass door, sheriff's Capt. Ross Bonfiglio said.

The parents' bodies were found in the back of the one-story Ventura County home, he said. Sheriff's Capt. Bruce Norris said Davina Husted was four to five months pregnant. No arrests have been made.


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