Dogfight Leaves OC Bulldog With 3 Legs

Diesel the bulldog is recovering at a Santa Ana pet hospital after a dogfight left the 7-month-old bulldog with three legs.

"The extent of his injuries is like nothing we have ever seen in rescue before," Melanie Kaplan, of the Southern California Bulldog Rescue, told the Orange County Register.

Veterinarians were forced to amputate after an infection spread along Diesel's leg.

"We are uncertain to as to whether it was the severity of his injuries or delayed and inadequate medical care, but Diesel's wounds became severely infected," Kaplan told the newspaper. "This led him to develop sepsis and fall gravely ill. Scared and lacking resources, his family surrendered him to the rescue on his 7-month birthday."

Southern California Bulldog Rescue is currently fostering the animal.

"(Diesel's) eating, drinking and learning to relieve himself on three legs," a volunteer told the Register. "He's having is jaw surgery Friday."

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