Dinner On The 405

A group of friends pulled off photo stunt during the 405 Freeway Closure

The plan was simple: bum rush the 405 Freeway at some point during the weekend closure, set up a mock dinner and take a photo for posterity.

“The photo is definitely real," said Amanda Corrigan, one of four friends who pulled off the stunt Sunday morning at 6 a.m. 
Corrigan, 28, along with her husband, Matt Corrigan, and their friends, Barry Neely and Jesse Glucksman, hatched the plan last week.
“It really came together Friday when Matt and Barry scouted the best place to access the freeway,” said Corrigan. “We found a weak spot in Sherman Oaks off Sepulveda Boulevard.”
They met Sunday morning with everything they needed to pull off the stunt: a folding table, chairs, a table cloth and dinner ware.
Corrigan said they quickly climbed a fence, ran up the hill and jumped onto the freeway.
“We set up in the southbound lanes of the 405,” she said. “It was all so fast, the whole thing probably took only 10 minutes.”
Glucksman snapped the photo while the others posed for their masterpiece.
Corrigan said the guys weren’t too worried about being busted by the police, but she admits her nerves were working overtime.
“The boys were not too concerned, but I was,” she said. “The boys actually brought food but I wouldn’t let them put it out.”

And if you look closely at the photo, said Corrigan, you can see a light, which she says was a CHP patrol car stationed on the freeway during the closure.

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