Do Desert X, Retreat to Two Bunch Palms

Planning on seeing the mega art installations dotting the Coachella Valley? Here's your chill-down getaway.

HAVING A SOAK... is a time-honored pursuit for those travelers who love to seek out spots that happen to boast hot springs. But when it comes to soaking in, as in, soaking in some astounding or provocative or thought-deepening works of art, how do you proceed? Do you find a bench somewhere, where you can quiet your mind? Does a long stroll help still your overly busy thoughts? Or might an actual soak, of the thermal-tastic variety, help you soak in all of the creative wonder you've just seen? If this feels right to you, a classic hot springs soak paired with steeping in your own art-oriented musings, then consider a trip to...

TWO BUNCH PALMS, which has a special offer on for those adventurers calling upon the area for Desert X. The biennial installation-packed extravaganza is humming for two more months, with an end date of April 21, which means you have time to book your overnight, or nights, at the spring-lush getaway. The code to nab deals at the "lush oasis," which sits on 72 acres and includes 67 rooms? It's DZTX19. You'll enjoy a discount on the best available rate on the resort's Desert & Spring rooms (30% Mondays through Thursdays, 25% Fridays through Sundays), as well as a discounted spa treatment (there are some asterisks, so do check before booking).

GHOST PALM, a haunting piece by artist Kathleen Ryan, is located on the property, in fact, making Two Bunch Palms an even more integral part of this desert happening. So soak up the art, then go for a delicious hot soak, all while contemplating all you've soaked in during your desert wanderings.

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