Ground Breaking Documentary Takes New Look at Civil Rights Movement

The documentary opens in theaters Friday

A new documentary is a decades-old slice of American history that was recently re-discovered in the basement of Swedish Television.
News footage, research and modern music are distilled in "The Black Power Mixtape," an independent documentary by actor-activist Danny Glover -- no stranger to the civil rights struggle.

"It brought back or ignited memories of that period during my life as a young student at San Francisco State College." said Danny Glover, co-producer. "Malcolm was someone I heard his speeches you know, at the time he gave the speeches."
Glover told us he believes everyone can learn from "The Mixtape" and its outside view of pressures that motivated Black Americans, famous or not, to demand change.
"Its not a story that’s contextualized in the south either." said Glover, "Its contextualized in the northern slums, where people migrated from the south looking for new opportunities. It's second generation now."
Glover said "The Mixtape" view looks beyond violence and is infused with hope.
"Look at the movement as a re-imagination of democracy, then we see it in a different kind of way," he said.
"The Black Power Mixtape" opens in theaters Friday.

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