Dodger Deadline: Payroll Pay-Up

Frank McCourt said to owe $10 million for payroll Wednesday

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt may be able to make the $10 million in payroll by Wednesday's deadline, but when it comes to paying up an additional $30 million by June 30, it might be a bit more tough.

The Los Angeles Times sites unnamed sources close to McCourt's wallet that there's "no chance" McCourt will be able to pay his debts this month without the approval of a FOX Sports TV contract.  But Major League Baseball's commissioner Bud Selig has yet to ok the deal.

The Times says the Dodgers owe about $10 million in payroll Wednesday but claims that figure roughly triples for the June 30 payment as several deferred salaries come due, including more than $8 million to Manny Ramirez.

If McCourt does not pay up, Selig could make the payments for him, take over the team and post it for sale.

McCourt has yet to comment on these latest developments.

He and wife Jamie continue their divorce settlement talks.  It's possible the main hitch could be the FOX TV deal and how it works into who owns the Dodgers.  MLB says only one person can own a team but California law considers the team a joint asset.

But there could be another option for the Boys in Blue: LA citizens as owners.  The LA City Council will vote on a resolution Wednesday morning to ask the U.S. Congress to change MLB rules so the public can buy in to own the Dodgers.  The proposal comes from Councilwoman Janice Hahn who says the future of the team could look brighter if the city that loves them becomes the city that owns them.

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