Dodgers Fan Sends Vin Scully Bobblehead Into Space

January is the slow time of year for Dodger fans. The season is long over and Spring Training is still weeks away. One fan decided to fill the time by launching a bobblehead of legendary broadcaster Vin Scully into space.

Keith Plocek attached the bobblehead to a weather balloon, which he then released from a little league field in Palmdale. A GoPro camera was sent along for the ride as well. The video shows the bobblehead as it slowly rises through the clouds, reaching all the way into the stratosphere, according to Plocek.

A GPS tracker helped him track down the figurine, which suffered broken legs in its descent, two hours later in a yard in Lake Los Angeles.

The real Vin Scully retired from broadcasting in 2016 after 67 seasons calling Dodger baseball games.

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