Dodgers Players React to LeBron James Joining the Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Dodgers players were just as shocked and excited as we all were when "The King," LeBron James, announced he was joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even other athletes get excited.

After reaching the World Series for the first time in 29 years, the Los Angeles Dodgers are arguably the most popular sports franchise in the City of Angels.

That might have changed on Sunday night, as LeBron James announced he was joining the Los Angeles Lakers, a move that created a seismic shift in not only the NBA landscape, but all of sports as well.

Kenley Jansen was among the L.A. based athletes that tried to recruit LeBron, and nobody was more excited than the Dodgers closer when the news was announced.

On Monday,  Jansen and several other Dodger players reacted to the news that "The King," was choosing to make L.A. his new kingdom.

Kenley Jansen (via AM 570):

"First of all, to all the bandwagon fans: We don't have tickets for you guys in Staples Center. We're going to have Nokia Center (Microsfot Theater) open we're going to have a big screen TV and we're going to have all the bandwagon fans like Joc Pederson, who has been for the Golden State Warriors for the last three years, and now wants to be on the Lakers bandwagon.

Magic came up and said he's going to turn it around and now here we are: We have the best player in the NBA on the Lakers."

Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts:

"It's a big day for Los Angeles sports and I'm excited to see it happen. He [LeBron] is an absolute beast. It's great for our city. I'm looking forward to seeing him."

Ross Stripling:

"I was honored to be the guy who pitched on the day LeBron became a Laker. Showtime is back!"

Other players, like Yasiel Puig who like Jansen can be spotted courtside for many Lakers games, shared their reactions to the news on Twitter:

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