Dog Lost for Eight Years Reunited with Family

Rusty was stolen from his family eight years ago

Eight years ago thieves snatched a Siberian Husky named Rusty, straight from Rosa Pedroza's yard.

The devastated family searched for their beloved family member, hoping the micro-chip embedded in the dog would help bring Rusty home.

But as the days turned into weeks, then months, then finally years, the family lost hope.

Then came a call out of the blue on Tuesday.

A shelter in Downey had found Rusty and identified him using the micro-chip.

The overjoyed Pedroza family quickly brought Rusty home to Lynwood.

Now the Husky is enjoying being the center of attention, hugged and kissed at every turn. Not to mention scarfing down treats and hot dogs.

Finally, after nearly a decade, the Pedroza family is complete once more.

Rusty is back home.

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