Dog Suffers Heat Stroke on Hike

It wasn't clear if the pooch would pull through.

A dog who usually goes on hourlong hikes in Brentwood was in the animal hospital Tuesday night after he collapsed from heat exhaustion over the weekend.

Hermes, 2-year-old mixed breed, was one of four animals treated for heat stroke in the last 24 hours at a Culver City animal hospital.

The heat wave in Southern California brought triple-digits to many regions, taking some pet owners by surprise.

Hermes has received extensive treatment including a plasma transfusion, IV fluids, antibiotics — and veterinarians don't even know if Hermes will make it.

After the influx of pets suffering from heat-related illnesses at Access Specialty Animal Hospital, veterinarians said Monday, the hottest day of the week, was too hot to keep pets outdoors.

"This time of year is the most dangerous," Dr. Mike Becker said. "Even though it seemed like a subtle increase, only 15 degrees, it was enough for this dog to become overheated internally."

Short nose breeds, like pugs, bulldogs, are especially sensitive to the heat.

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