Doing the Shuffle: The New Talking iPod Shuffle Debuts

Apple's new bouncing baby was born today and it already talks. The new 4GB iPod shuffle hit the web this morning. The quick 411: it’s smaller, has no controls, more space, uses playlists…oh and it talks.

Apple is billing the Shuffle as “the worlds smallest music player” and its just under the size of an AA battery. Designers moved the controls from the device to a remote on the earbud cord which they say makes them more convenient.

Users navigate their music using a series of clicks. A new feature called VoiceOver announces the track information by pressing and holding the remote button. But there’s a catch: you need a special adapter if you want to use your own headphones.

The device now supports playlists and will sync everything with iTunes like your other iPods. The increased 4GB of storage will hold around 1,000 songs so you have twice as much as the old Shuffle. A convenient clip attaches to a shirt or jacket keeping it securely in place during a workout.

The device features an anodized aluminum case and is available in silver or black for $79 at Apple.

So what do you think? Love it or hate it? Leave us a comment.

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