Dominick's at 65: The 65-Cent Martini

The old-school swankified eatery throws a classy birthday party.

It's the common refrain of anyone who digs the early '60s vibe and happens to be traveling to Las Vegas: "Where can I find that Rat Pack-y feel, nowadays?"

There are a few places that still rock a certain shag-rug'd, gold-light-fixtured glam in Sin City. But there's also a number of spots around Southern California that saw the era and kept its most stylish bits (sans shag rug).

One famous destination? Dominick's in West Hollywood. The Italian-American eatery just a pop north of Cedars-Sinai has been pasta-ing up celebrities for 65 years, meaning that it not only saw the '60s, but it was well established when the decade rolled around.

Did Marilyn Monroe eat spaghetti here? You bet. Did members of the Rat Pack stop by to cocktail it up? We're pointing, with a you-bet wink, in your general direction.

So how does a starry enclave mark its 65th? With a swank-it-up dinner and a drink deal, too. The dinner happens on Monday, Nov. 4 -- Prime Steak Pizzaiola with Spaghetti and Green Beans is the dinner-for-two entree, at $45 -- and the drinks are 65-cent martinis.

Make that mini martinis. What the cocktail critics would call a proper or civil size. At 65 cents, though, you'll have one or two or three (and plan ahead for your ride home).

Just raise one, at least, to Dominick's 65-year run, and the fact that we don't have to go looking too hard for that '60s-cool suit-wearing hangout spot. It's on Beverly Boulevard, still.


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Now, who seriously wants to bring shag rug back, and not just for an area accent? If everyone loves the style of the era so much, someone will make the avocado-hued risk and start a trend. We're waiting.

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