Christopher Dorner Alleged That Threat by Girlfriend Left Him “In Fear For My Life”

The former LAPD officer is the subject of a regionwide manhunt after he allegedly began a revenge-motivated shooting spree against police officers and their families.

As he was becoming increasingly alienated from the LAPD, then-officer Christopher Dorner was involved in three personal relationships that ended with legal actions, court records reveal.

In 2006, a woman he had dated went to the website and posted an entry on Dorner, describing him as "severely emotionally and mentally disturbed."

A copy of the posting was including in court documents filed by Dorner in Orange County when he sought a restraining order against the woman. It was denied.

In April 2007, Dorner married a Los Angeles deputy sheriff. The certificate was issued in Clark County, Nevada. But after 19 days, they submitted a joint petition for dissolution.

A year later, Dorner became involved with a fellow LAPD officer, according to a protective order application he filed in 2012.

Dorner alleged that after he broke off the relationship, he learned the woman attempted to access his credit union account online. The issue came up again in the online manifesto Dorner published on his Facebook page, airing his grievances against LAPD.

"You allow an officer to attempt to hack into my credit union account and remain on the job," Dorner wrote in the 11,000-word document.

In seeking the protective order, Dorner stated he was "in fear for my life" because she boasted of her ability to kill, and told him she has "nothing to lose."

It was a phrase that Dorner later used to describe himself – "I have nothing to lose" – in the manifesto as he laid out his mission to apparently seek revenge over the department. He was fired from the LAPD in 2008, after reporting another officer for alleged brutality – an accusation that investigators later said was false.

With the manhunt for Dorner still unresolved, none of the women could be reached for comment.

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