10 Great Downtown LA Bars

LA Locals love their wine-silky drinkies’ in tourist-free spots that don’t stinky. See what bars made the Downtown list.

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Enrico Campitelli
#10: The Redwood Bar & Grill | Downtown Dive Bar
A great place to start the night off with an optimistic Pirate themed ice-breaker. You're gonna love their website theme song which demonstrates how much this place loves serving LA locals. Drink, laugh, eat and meet fun-loving locals.
#9: Elevate Lounge | Downtown Fancy-Schmancy Ultra Lounge
This indoor/outdoor spot feels like you are in a penthouse living the good life. You get great drinks in an incredible modern environment. At #9 it can be a bit fancy for some locals but well worth the experience even just for the view.
Siafa Lewis
#8: Rooftop Bar at The Standard | Downtown Fancy-Schmancy Lounge
This spot is “A Scene” with an unmatched visual feast of surrounding skyscrapers and panoramic views of Downtown LA. You get eye-candy and fancy cocktails. Meet happy and healthy looking people and be sure to jump on one of the vibrating waterbed pods.
#7: Bordello | Downtown Sexy-Gothic Style Bar
This spot is very Moulin Rouge with Victorian furniture, black chandeliers and bar tenders in lingerie. Drink while enjoying an old-school Burlesque show. The spot is a bit hard to find but you will mostly see colorful LA locals within.
Siafa Lewis
#6: The Edison | Downtown Fancy-Schmancy Lounge
A blend of LA's historic downtown past with a touch of Gothic romantic fantasy. Shine your shoes for this place but it is well worth the opportunity to have your mind blown. Drink excellent cocktails enjoy the scene and indoor smoke area.
#5: The Golden Gopher | Downtown Dive Bar
Just a rock throw away from the Staples Center this city dive has a great selection of top shelf liquor. Your get great beer, scotches, games and music. Enjoy great views from the bar's striking indoor/outdoor smoking patio.
Telemundo San Antonio
#4: Caseys Irish Pub | Downtown Irish Dive Bar
In this pub, there are certainly shots and beer drinking galore. The place opens up in all different directions and will remind you of a room in Captain Hook’s cabin. You get Irish style drinking, attitude and cool secretive rooms.
Siafa Lewis
#3: J Restaurant & Lounge | Downtown Urban-Sexy Lounge
This spot is an all-in-one winner good for drinking while eating, smoking, lounging and dancing. You get two floors with three full bars, a huge patio and a glorious open-air smoking lounge. Good spot for a date and to bring friends.
#2: Broadway Bar‎ | Downtown Dark-Sexy Dive Bar
This dark-Gothic spot bares no vampires yet does attract colorful fun loving locals. Enjoy a 50 foot centerpiece circular bar, a full bar mezzanine, sumptuous decor, and smoking patios with unrestricted views of Broadway.
Siafa Lewis
#1: Seven Grand | Downtown Irish/Lodge Dive Bar
This whiskey bar is a freak fusion of a hunting lodge, Irish pub, Celtic and rock music. You get 300+ premium whiskeys, rare ryes and small batch bourbons. Enjoy Jackalope trophies, puff a cigar, meet locals and have a tasty drink.
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